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Create a Commentary Selection "Wizard"

I like Logos and appreciate all your emails and the free books you offer periodically, but here’s the thing, and maybe this will help your marketing efforts…

You send me all these emails pitching resources and various Bible commentaries, and while I am potentially in the market for some commentaries, it is nearly impossible to discern the difference between all the commentaries you show me. For example, I just watched your video on the Tyndale commentaries, and while the video touts the number of pages and number of volumes and that it’s “modern” I don’t really know anything about it. The video of a guy using it on a mac and then on an iPad doesn’t tell me about the commentary itself. I tried to look for a sample page but couldn’t find one. I scrolled down to the commentary on Daniel and I guess what was helpful was the little side description, where the author’s main concern seemed to be the Marxist one world government conspiracy and Daniel could speak to that. This actually helped me decide that this was not the commentary for me, too conspiracist, not scholarly enough.

What I feel like you need is a commentary choosing “wizard” that categorizes by:

TRADITION: Tradition it comes from, catholic? evangelical?
TARGET: who are they aiming for with this resource? Youth pastors or academics?
SCHOLARSHIP: Nature of the scholarship, names of certain scholars (I like when you mention DA Carson or NT Wright)
ORIGINAL LANGUAGES: How they incorporate original languages, do they use them at all, are there links to my Logos version of the Bauer lectionary?
PRICE: Range of options
FEATURES: Distinguishing features, approach, layout, graphics
SAMPLE PAGE: how do they lay it out, writing style

For example, I really like the New International Commentary (probably because my Greek prof was a real fan) but can’t afford the thousands of dollars for that right now. But say I would spend $300 on a good general commentary that is modern, scholarly and is applicable to evangelical and charismatic traditions, how do I find all the commentaries in this category? How can I see a sample page from front-runners to see if I like the writing style and how they’re using original languages.

Anyway, I thought a “commentary selection wizard” might be very helpful in driving some sales for you by helping people find the resources they really want in the Library-at-Alexandria-sized pile of resources you guys have. Or maybe I could declare what I’m looking for on these dimensions and you could market more precisely to me, sending me only stuff that’s in my zone.

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